Fun Facts

Think you know everything about Pit Bulls? You just might be surprised.

Read on to learn some cool, interesting and fun facts about our furry friends.

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•The term “pit bull” does not refer to a specific breed of dog. It’s a generic term applied to American pit bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, and hundreds of mixes containing elements of these breeds. DNA analysis shows that most “pit bulls” are predominantly made up of other breeds – from Lab to poodle. The term “pit bull” designates an appearance, not a breed.

•No single neutered household pet pit bull has ever killed anyone.

Dogs are not naturally aggressive. Almost any dog can be taught to be aggressive, and, like many other breeds, pit bulls are strong dogs who can inflict real injuries. However, the evidence shows clearly that this is not a dog problem, but a people problem.

The ‘pit bull’ does not have a ‘locking jaw’. On this topic Dr. 1. Lehr Brisbin of the University of Georgia wrote:
“The few studies which have been conducted of the structure of the skulls, mandibles and teeth of pit bulls show that, in proportion to their size, their jaw structure and thus its inferred functional morphology, is no different than that of any breed of dog. There is absolutely no evidence for the existence of any kind of “locking mechanism” unique to the structure of the jaw and/or teeth of the American Pit Bull Terrier.”

Dog fighting was outlawed in the early 1900’s. Since that time the breeds that go back to the original ‘pit bull’ of the early 1800s has been raised as a family pet, not a fighter.

Pit bulls are therapy and service dogs. They are also involved in search and rescue. The Chako Rescue Association has Pit Bull therapy dogs in Texas, Utah and California. Cheyenne and Dakota are a team of hard-working Search-and-Rescue Pit Bulls in Sacramento, California. APBT Weela was the Ken-L Ration’s Dog Hero of the Year and is credited with rescuing over 30 people.

Sgt. Stubby: A Pit Bull war hero.

Sergeant Stubby

Sergeant Stubby

Stubby was wounded in action twice, he saved his entire platoon by warning them of a poison gas attack and he single handedly captured a German spy.


Popsicle: is the number one US customs dog. He was found in a freezer during a drug raid by Buffalo police in 1997. They found Popsicle as a 5 month old puppy, who quickly became a favorite. He graduated his training at the Canine Enforcement Training Center in Front Royal, Virginia, and went to work with his handler, J.J., in Texas.

Tahoe, Cheyenne, and Dakota are all search and rescue dogs in Sacramento, California. The three pit bulls worked non stop at the World Trade Center and Pentagon after 9/11.

Other Famous Pit Bulls: Pete the Pup on the orginal Little Rascals,The RCA dog and the original Buster Brown dog were all Pit Bulls. 





Pit bulls score at or below average for aggression when compared to other dogs. Temperament evaluations by the American Temperament Test Society give American pit bull terriers a very high passing rate of 82.6 percent. The average passing rate for the other 121 breeds of dogs in the tests was 77 percent.

Pit Bulls make great Family pets, in-fact Pit Bulls were once known as the “Nanny Dog” due to their loyalty and love for children (Early in the 20th century Pit Bulls were the # 1 Family Dog)

•There are quite a few celebrities who have owned ‘pit bull’ type dogs:

Ray Romano, Don Cherry, Fred Astaire, President Roosevelt, Jack Dempsy, Thomas Edison, Madonna, Jessica Alba, Kaley Cuoko, Michael J Fox, Brad Pitt, Bernadette Peters, Sinbad, Alicia Silverstone, Linda Blair, Humphrey Bogart, Usher, Mel Brooks, Ann Bancroft, John Stuart, Jan Michael Vincent, Pink, Kelli Williams, Ken Howard (Father in Crossing Jordon – his Pit Shadow saved his life), Malcolm Jamal Warner, Stephan Jenkins, Rosie Perez, Ananda Lewis, Amy Jo Johnson, Mary Tyler Moore, Steve and Terrie Erwin (the Crocodile Hunter), Jack Johnson, Bill Berloni (Broadway show dog trainer who has said that the Pit is the breed of choice for training), Anthony Robbins, Molly Price, President Woodrow Wilson, Frankie Muniz, AJ Mclean, Barbara Eden, and even Helen Keller. (*Sorry if I left anyone out-feel free to let me know)




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